Report on Student’s Complaints About Campus Parking Problem at Florida International University

Type of paper: Report

Topic: Education, Students

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Published: 2019/10/03


This report is about the parking problem raised by the Florida International University (FIU) students to the president. It affected many students within the institution. The problem has been persistent since 1980 when the number of student’s enrollment increased to 12000 from 5500 while parking increased 6000 from 5500 in 1972. The students have been facing a lot of challenges because almost half them misses parking spaces. Due to this complain from the students, we were assigned the responsibility to write a report about the problem and the possible solutions or recommendations.

Fig 1: Comparison of students to the available parking space

From the findings and data we collected, there was no parking problem from 1972 to 1975; this is seen from the data in figure one that, the number of commuter students enrolled equals to the number of students parking space available of 5500. The university management enrolled students according to the available parking spaces.

The problem started in 1980 when 12000 students were enrolled and the available parking space increased to 6000. Half of the students could get parking space. From 1980 to 2005, many students have been missing parking space. We found out the following.

Year         Number of commuter           Number of student

                   Students enrolled                  parking spaces


1985           19500                                     6500

1990           28000                                     7000

1995           37500                                     7500

2000           45000                                      7500

2005           45000                                      7500

The data I found shows that more than 35000 students miss parking space at Florida International University by the year 2005.

Fig 2: Complaints from the students

From the survey as we gather the information about the student’s complaints, we found out from the students we interviewed the following information: 28000 of the total students which represent 64% complain of inadequate number of student’s parking space. These were the majority of the students and they wanted more parking spaces. 7650 students complain that, there were too many faculty spaces not utilized or used and the students should be allowed to park there. This represented 17% of the total student’s population.

15% of the total population had an issue with the students without decals. They complained that, there were inadequate attempts to keep students who have no decals from using the spaces. 1800 student’s complaint of the poor or dim marking lines which led to disorganized parking. This represented only 4% of the total student’s population.

This information on the pie chart above is important in understanding why the students complain of the unavailable parking space and why it should be expanded.

Fig 3: A survey on the number of faculty, staff and the number of students that are in the university

In 2010, we conducted a survey and found out that, there were many students, staff and faculty that make up the population. We found out that, there were 2974 full time faculty and had adequate parking space. There were 14602 part time faculty and had excess parking space and some times there are empty parking spaces and students are not allowed to park their. The university students were 45, 833 and they were the majority.

From the graph above, we found out that many students lack parking space while both faculty (full and part time) had excess parking spaces.

Fig 4: Effects of the improvement to public transportation

As we gather information trying to understand about the problem the students was complaining about, we asked the other students, staff and faculty at Florida International University (FIU) their feeling about public transport. We found out the following responses: 28% (4932) believed that it will increase the perception of safety. Majority of them had a feeling that it will reduce time to commute, 5634 (31%) believed that it will lower fare cost and 6% say it be convenient due to more stops. 852 (5%) said it will improve on cleanliness while 18% (3278) believe it will be convenient because there will be fewer transfers.

The pie chart above explains the perception of different students on the public transport.

Recommendations or solutions

On the graph, the university management should increase student’s parking space. If the space for expansion is not enough, public transport system can be introduced in the university where all students will not be allowed to use private vehicles.

From the second figure, the unutilized faculty spaces for parking, the students should be allowed to use them. Also, the faculty parking space should be reduced or there should be different parking for students, faculty and staff.

From the third graph, the student being the majority, they should use the public transport so that we avoid university parking being congested. The university management should buy university buses that will be used to pick students from their places of residence at some designated points that will be convenient to most of the students.

From the last pie chart, most students favored public transport because it will reduce on the fare. This was supported by 31% of the students. Most of the people who use public transport believe that it will increase the perception of safety; hence we recommend that, students should use public transport.