Research Proposal on The Current Australian Medical Policy

Type of paper: Research Proposal

Topic: Medicine, Health, Australia, Government

Pages: 10

Words: 2750

Published: 2019/10/05

Statement of the Problem

The current Australian medical policy aimed to provide its citizens with cheaper healthcare services and products through the strategy of generic products manufacture, supply and distribution is of a disadvantage to the country and people’s socioeconomic development mainly because of the compromised set of standards and quality of the products and services.

Project Overview

Generic products have proliferated in Australia through legal government support both in policy formulations and financial means to reduce poor healthcare services for riskier diseases .

The introduction of the strategy was geared towards reduction of overdependence on expensive medical products by the poor in healing diseases which take long duration before they are healed, or those which need to reduce severity to sustain life .

This paper focus on the impacts antiepileptic generic products for the treatment of epilepsy, and concentrates mainly on the areas of

Research summary

  • Introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Literature review
  • Design and methodology
  • Conclusion


Historical ways towards affordable medical care

  • Government projects
  • Pharmaceutical benefit scheme
  • Repatriation pharmaceutical benefit scheme
  • Minimum pricing policy through exchangeable bioequivalent

Introduction Cont.

  1. Reason For generic product introduction
  • Patient’s easy access
  • Affordability
  • Aim of cost reduction
  • Increased need to save human lives

Introduction Cont.C. Channel of Supply of generic medical Products

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Retail Pharmacies

Aims and Objectives

To investigate , evaluate or assess:

  • the patient’s perception and understanding for antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) substitutions on community pharmacy practice
  • the duration and intensity association of AEDs on controlling seizures outbreak.

Objectives Cont.

  • the association of low usage of generic products with reduction in patient perception and understanding of the products
  • the availability of necessary predictors for prevention of adverse outcome associated with modifiable AEDs generic substitutions
  • To construct useful models tailored along the necessary suggestions

Literature Review

Concerns for Human Health

  • Acts as wealth resource
  • Among government’s major projects
  • regulations and guidance borne by government officials
  • Restricted control from medical experts

Lit Cont.

Available Human Health Improvement Strategies

  1. Policy Formulations (ANMP )

addresses issues of speedy medical product access, affordability, quality through independent objectives

-Barriers on controversial aims relating to quality

  1. Co-payment

Key to augmented medical access, & persistence to medicine/treatment

Main disadvantage of diverted moral concepts on consumption rate, increased expenditure

Misuses and overdoses common problemsLit cont. 3. Generic Product Utilization

  • A standard based method and price sensitive
  • Established in 1994 and increased from 17% to 47% consumption rate
  • Patent expiry, price and brand names fuels usage

Impacts of generic on quality

  • Generic affects quality of medicines on both sides
  • Confusion on management , supply and policy formulations
  • Undermine physicians and healthcare provider’s professions
  • Wide variations within the generic family of products
  • Observational design (Time series, cohort design)
  • Cohort-to determine effect of pricing policies
  • Time series-dispensation of products
  • analysis-descriptive for distribution curves and comparison
  • Multivariate (Propensity score)-regression model
  • General estimating equation-special case analysis

Design and methodologyVariablesIndependent Variables

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education level
  • Income
  • Individual assessment about individual’s health condition

Analysis procedure of results

  • Descriptive statistic –data structure and basic features
  • Inferential statistics –answers to sample data.
  • Models of results developed

Ethical Consideration

  • Privacy and confidentiality

Less important for dataset of age, dates and gender

  • vulnerability of the population


  • Research Anticipated to Help in:
  • Policy adjustment on generic drugs
  • Creation of trust of the AEDs products regulatory by government
  • Lead to increased application use of medicine
  • Eliminate chances of misuses of personal property

Ref. Cont.

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