Argumentative Essay on Why I Chose MBA

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Published: 2019/10/03

Attaining personal goal is one of the most exciting things that an individual can ever dream of. Imagine of owning a car a massionate, a big business, being wealthy and even having a beautiful wife or hand some partner. (Weaver, 1997) All these really make us have self satisfaction. The choice lies solely on ones perspective and interests. At times, achieving these goals relies on the decision that one makes. Taking the situation of the current technological arena, most people tend to relies on being self reliant and neglect further education. They venture into personal or family business. Some resort to utilize their talents such as sports, technical aspects such as computer wizardry of which gives them satisfaction. Why then did I decide to pursue a degree in MBA? In deed, various reasons clicked in my mind that made me in landing in this field.

Firstly, MBA is an acronym of masters in Business Administration. It entails the managerial aspect and skills that are impacted on the learners on how to manage and control resources. Education is the pillar in the development of a given state. The knowledge when properly disseminated changes the perspective of viewing ideas and gives one a wider perspective in dealing with various situations. Having a dream of making a lot of money to take care of my family, I needed some stringent skills that would make me realize my dream.

Jungian personality self assessment test has played a vital role in my career decision making. Having undergone the test, I discovered I am the type of person who is resorted as being social and stickler to rules outgoing, argumentative and, a natural leader. This made me realize I can fit in the social environment more sore where I would mingle with other staff and lead them. However some of Jungian principles differ with my opinion of which I could not manage. For instance my traits could fit in being a police officer which I could imagine of. My category ENTJ to some extent specifies what I should do to enhance good rapport with other workers. (Robbin P. 2009)

Cooperate organization requires soft skills such as ability to learn different behaviors’ of employees. In my self evaluation, I realized I have developed leadership skills that my colleagues admired. Most of them tell me that, I posses the ability of being diligent, social person and, ability to organize small groups. These personalities required to be natured so that I could fully acquire them. (Weaver, 1997) Character behavioral formation is an aspect that is acquired through practice of some norms and application of knowledge. Though it is argued that some people naturally have traits such as organization skills, further education is required to enhance these skills.

Consequently the contemporary society is virtually filled with business activities, such as financial institutions, on profit organizations, industries and government agencies. The current global scenario has exposed itself where, companies are collapsing due to mismanagement. In addition, workers are falling out because, they lack motivation from managers. This calls for urgent solution to be undertaken to avoid worsening the situation. (Brown, 2002)As an inspiring leader, I needed further level of education especially the one that highlights the stringent issues that we are currently facing. We need competent leaders that would manage resources wisely and ensure business sector flourish well. It is with no doubt that this encouraged me to pursue an MBA.

At times many people take higher degree for the purpose of pride, peer pressure or as a requirement by the job description. It is not motivation that makes such individuals to pursue such courses, but the external demanding forces. This leads to the situations that we observe in our management boards today. Having a monologue with myself, I found out the intrinsic motivation that I had and, purpose is different from what the majority perceive. I realized that this could perhaps change the business arena. I strongly believe the passion that I have, and the enthusiasm to see better results and improvement in the people’s living standard would be of great importance to the society.

Behavioral management has proved to be a challenging aspect in current business world. (Robbin P. 2009)This is exhibited especially in the cooperate world where most of the individuals who are capable of attaining their very best, but are only limited by motivational boundaries. Having realized this and the character that I have developed over the past years as an individual who is self motivated, I find this to be a chance to impact that knowledge to the cooperate world and improve the efficiency. (Brown, 2002)Fear to motivate the juniors by the managers is common because, they fear that they me be toppled over, However, this is a wrong perspective as it would not only see the whole organization fail but also, the manager as a person to be seen as failure

Having also acquired the managerial skills, I can also be in a position to develop personal knowledge on how to manage my business. It is a challenge to many individuals to manage business. This leads to the collapse of many businesses because of lack of knowledge. The skills that I would acquire in my MBA would assist me organize my business and realize very high profits. This would make me achieve my goals of attaining a lot of money that would sustain my family. My outgoing character would add as an added advantage where I would be opportunistic and maximize any business chances that come to my way.

The Jungian principle also describes me as a person who practices competency. This is a vital instrument more so in a business environment, where quality work is deserved for better growth. I believe wherever I would work, quality would be my principle. This is in line with the studies from MBA where quality is one of the key principles for acquiring more clients.

In conclusion, the 16 test from Jungian test have had an impact in my decision to undertake an MBA. In addition, studying MBA would further empower me to achieve my goals faster and live a happy life. Personally, the areas that are my weaknesses such as being overambitious would be corrected through change of behavior and further training.


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