Economy, Healthcare and Immigration Issues Business Plan

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Published: 2019/09/26

To give the president proper strategies, we must first understand the efforts he has put in the relevant fields and the current situation in those fields. We must also understand what America needs in future so as to advise the president appropriately.

Let us begin by considering the economic field. When president Obama came to office, there was a total mess in the American economy: a deficit of $1.3 trillion, unemployment, banking system crisis, two wars, among others. The Obama’s administration has tried to get the economy back in track. Starting with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that he signed few weeks after taking office. The main aim of the plan was to create over 3 million new jobs, improve the infrastructure and relieve the Americans on the tax. There have also been efforts to bring solutions to the housing and the financial crisis. The housing program was aimed at helping citizens refinance at low rates. Currently, the immediate economic problems hitting the USA include the rising cases of unemployment, inflation and dull credit markets, which are dealt with in the economic recovery scheme as the foundation for a stable future economy is put in place, as there are efforts of building the economy on a sustainable basis.

For the purpose of the next elections, the president’s strategies should put into account the current economic constraints. There should be better and clear means of creating more jobs. The president must state clearly how he intends to ensure that new jobs are created. For instance, he may consider setting up of more industries, opening up opportunities for exploitation, investing in the energy sector, widening the economic field, reducing the tax rate and broadening the tax base, creating opportunities for women as women form nearly half of the work force, improving the quality of the remuneration of the workers, investing heavily in the health sector since a working nation is a healthy nation, improving the infrastructure, among others. America should also aim at improving its relationship with other nations world wide to minimize cases of war and heavy spending on such.

Looking into the current health situation in USA, the health care is still largely provided by the private sector. Well over fifteen percent of the Americans are still uninsured and a good percentage (about thirty five percent) is underinsured. This huge group is unable to cover the cost of their medical requirements.

Considering the approach that president Obama gave when taking office, it is still clear that the approach is valid as a healthcare strategy in his next election. The implementation of this comprehensive healthcare reform plan is the key to his success. One assurance which the people must be given is that provision of proper health services remains the biggest government commitment. Of what importance is a good economy when the people are not healthy? This is the biggest question that should be asked. Provision of good healthcare services should therefore be prioritized as it determines directly the economic performance of the country.

Digging deep into the proposals, the president should ensure that children have health insurance. Employers must also be ready to provide insurance to their employees. On the other hand, the government should give premium subsidies to the people to enable them buy qualified insurance. The creation of a national health insurance exchange is very important as it enables individuals to purchase private insurance. Most importantly, there should be an improvement on the quality of the health system and the infrastructure at large, expansion of funding to improve the primary care, and the support of preventive care strategies among others.

In summary, the president should ensure that strategies that lead into quality, affordable and portable health coverage for all, are put in practice. The Healthcare system also needs to be modernized so that the costs can be cut down as the quality of the services improved. There should be measures that aim at promoting prevention and strengthening the public health.

A great test on decision making and strategic thinking is under immigration policies, as it must lead to compromising of other crucial issues. Immigrants into USA have both the positive side and the negative impact. Negatively, they take jobs away from American citizens and put the national security at risk. This calls for tight immigration rules. On the other hand, the immigrants make the economy of the America feasible. For the balance of the two, the president must come up with the policies that harmonize the two extremes. There must be extreme strictness to reduce the number of the immigrants. However, the quality and the skills of the immigrants must be improved. The president should aim at giving more encouragement for the foreign investors.


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