Personal Statement on Dental School Admission

Type of paper: Personal statement

Topic: Medicine, Dentistry

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Published: 2019/09/24

I would like to apply for a place at your University, on an advanced placement for international dentists.

I graduated from University in India, with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. I came from a background of engineers and was the first in the family to enter the medical profession. Becoming a dentist was an ambition I had followed for many years, since I was very young, and every day I know I made the right decision to pursue the dream.

I came to the United States two years ago in order to further my education and my career. Once arriving here I completed my National Board Dental Examination, both part one and part two. I undertook this exam primarily to increase my chance to gain admission into the advanced standing DDS programme for international dentists.

I have also worked as a dental assistant for eight months in the U.S. and, while here, I have completed several training courses. I have obtained my x-ray certification and CPR, and completed three observerships, each under a different U.S. dentist. Additionally, I have attained my certification in coronal polishing and also in infection control. I have also completed a hands on workshop on veneers at UCSF.

I have three years of experience working in a private dentistry practice in India. One of my professors in the prosthetic department offered me the opportunity to work at his clinic in the evening OPD. I was thrilled with the offer and accepted it immediately. My time at this clinic gave me valuable experience in prosthetics and fuelled my enthusiasm to work in this field.

I have also spent time working in a charitable hospital. This experience opened my eyes to the demand for dentists who are prepared to work with patients from poor communities. The people I met there had many dental problems but, as they had very little money, their options for getting treatment were limited. I gained a great deal of knowledge and awareness from working at the hospital, and it ignited my desire to serve people from underprivileged backgrounds.

While studying for my BDS, an incident occurred which encouraged me even further in my dentistry ambitions. During my rotatory internship, an ex-patient of mine came from endodontic department and into the oral surgery department, and requested her treatment to be from me and no other dentist. Therefore, I obtained permission from both departments and treated her. For me, this exchange reaffirmed that I have skills both in dentistry and in communication. Being friendly and approachable is a crucial element of effective patient care, and I was flattered that the ex-patient valued and remembered me in this way.

I have several goals for the future. Ultimately, I wish to work in a private practice in prosthetic dentistry. I would also welcome the opportunity to teach dentistry to students at university level. Furthermore, my time at the charitable hospital has installed in me a burning desire to work in developing countries, serving people of poor communities.

I am conscientious, passionate and one hundred per cent dedicated to my career in dentistry and to providing high levels of patient care.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you at your institution.