Clash Of The Titans (1981) Movie Review

Type of paper: Movie review

Topic: Cinema

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Words: 275

Published: 2019/09/23

We are jettisoned into the Universe of the Greek, with colorful photography and plenty of Immortals gracing our film’s screen.  With named stars such as Lawrence Olivier, Ursula Andress, Claire Bloom, Burgess Meredith, Harry Hamlin, and Judi Baker, who could not follow these beautiful people, circa 1980, dressed in draped togas wearing gold and bejeweled tiaras?

This is “big production” at its best, and is educationally accurate regarding this mythological episode in history; it is well presented; however; what is with the metal computerized owl?  Why does the repulsive sea beast in the end from the sea de-caged have three arms and not four?

Hamlin is an Adonis doll as he sits atop his white winged beauty of a horse, showing a healthy and well-muscled torso and abs, but someone else should have been Head Hairdresser; a bit “helmeted” yes?

The camera shots were slow to change up, the angles were few, and immortals stared a lot at each their god on Mount Olympus…they highly regarded their King Zeus, but, with time, would they still be staring so intently at his presence?  I experienced this as a bit awkward. Where were the pillows they could recline on for long seminars and diatribes?  Perhaps our director, Desmond Davis was not able to turn writer Beverly Cross’s novel into an action production; perhaps it’s best held in books.  But the photography…I loved the rocks, the waves, the sunsets, the beautiful women in gorgeously designed long gowns.  I want to see more of this historical beauty.

I loved the fact that the movie centered around the water, which is every bit a part of Greece as the islands.  This was right.  The movie spoke volumes about mythological studies.  The actors were genuine and polished, and remember the technology was not quite what we experience daily now.  I give the movie three out of five stars; I give the photography four; I give Pegasus five; I give you five for taking the time to watch this remake of Greek history, which is a cultural mecca for anyone studying European history.

These stories, these tales were told and maintained for a reason; the ending words from Zeus are some not to forget; “What if one day other heroes like him (Perseus) with courage, imagination, and bravery become everyday entities in mortals’ world?  We wouldn‘t be needed!”  This is asked by Hera.  Zeus, unfortunately, but accurately replies, “For the moment,  there is sufficient sloth, cowardice and mediocrity down there to last forever…”

Think about that, my mortal friends.