Cooking On The Light Side: Recipes For Bright Skin And Vitality Book Review

Type of paper: Book Review

Topic: Books, Health, Skin, Cooking, Food

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Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/11


Winner of Seven Book Awards; Cooking on the light side by Dr. Thienna Ho is sure to transform the lives and health of those willing to take a walk on the light side. The significance as well as the value of this culinary book to the reader, lies in the fact that, it is richly encompassed with a variety of content, dynamic and captivating images as well as apposite recipes including charts for a comprehensive dietary plan. In this book you will learn the cause, effects and remedies to your skin color.

Dr. Thienna, two Guinness World Records holder for athletic achievement, shares her remarkable personal journey to unlock the mysteries of human skin in his fascinating book, cooking on the light side. In her contrasting view towards genetics and traits, she uses a step-by step, inexpensive and easy approach to alter ones skin health and achieve stunning results.

This innovative book clearly shows that the answer to better health is simple, and that the execution and integration is the hardest part to master. In addition, it shares nutritional and appetizing recipes that are rich in taste, low in calories and high in hidden fiber and nutrients. The writer keenly integrates her text with eye-catching pictures and readers are left with better understanding of wholesome foods like the essential benefits of oat flour, onions to choosing the right fruit, each page is overflowing with refreshing and appealing information.

The ability to stop and possibly reverse skin imperfections, increase body stamina, and harness physical strength is possible through the nutritional guide and dietary plans by Dr. Thienna, a nutritional specialist and a living proof that her program brings positive results. At the age of 40, she can wall sit for 12 hours or even perform the most sumo squats in one hour. She credits her super strength and endurance to her sulfur-rich diet which she claims it cleanses body of impurities. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral found in our body, next to calcium and phosphorus and is mostly relied solely by the liver to neutralize all forms of toxins. However, our body cannot produce sulfur, which means we must rely on outside sources to maintain healthy sulfur intake.

Increase of toxins in the body results to skin ageing, acne, hyper-pigmentation and more. This book showcases and demonstrates how to incorporate at least 50 varieties of sulfur-rich vegetables into the diet, and provides tips and tricks for preparing and cooking sulfur-rich foods to extract maximum nutritional benefits. Sulfur clears toxins from your body and naturally you obtain robust health and tremendous endurance which can be explained by the clearer, radiant skin.

Outstanding-athlete and nutritional scientist, Dr. Thienna has developed her understanding of sulfur-rich foods and how they interact with the body over years of research and testing. She is willing to show people that they do not need drugs or steroids to be strong and to harness tremendous endurance; they just need to eat the right foods and enjoy simple lifestyle. In summary, you are what you consume and what consumes you.


Ho, Thienna. 2010. Cooking on the light side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality. San Francisco: Thienna Inc.