My Future Career in Business Personal Statement

Type of paper: Personal Statement

Topic: Education, Business, Career

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/04

I would like to re-enrol at MBA this year as I am dedicated to my studies and my future career in business. I failed my year due to unforeseen health circumstances, which are now vastly elevated.

I failed the course as I didn’t do well in the exam, due to ill health on my part. Specifically, I had a medical problem causing deafness in one of my ears. This condition resulted in my having frequent headaches, and I was unable to hear clearly; these symptoms interfered severely with my studies and I found it impossible to properly concentrate on my exam. I have submitted a medical certificate to validate these details.

I am happy to report that, after some time on medication, my condition is improving. My headaches are subsiding and my overall concentration is much better. Therefore I do not think it will interfere with my studies so detrimentally from this point on, and I will be able to concentrate on the exam next time.

My assignments and presentations for this course were all of a good standard. It was only the exam that I failed, due to the above reasons. My enthusiasm was not an issue; I thoroughly enjoy this subject and am confident that I can do well in it now that my health has improved.

I am passionate about business and one hundred per cent committed to my studies. If I were allowed to re-enrol this year I would put all of my energy and effort into the course.