Essays on Cell Phones

Effects of Cell Phones on Human Society Research Proposal

Type of paper: Research Proposal

Topic: Cell Phones, Society, Technology, Communication

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Published: 2019/10/10

The modern technology has led to advanced developments. A good example of modern collection of technology is our cell phones. Cellular phones have had a main impact on our lives and the way that we carry out daily errands. This fact sheet therefore provides imminent into the study of the effects that cell phones have on human society and personal health. Although cell phones serve to assist lives on a daily basis, they also have a few rebellious and unwanted effects. Towards contribution to the society, cell phones create culturally innovative, informative and converging society (Jeanne & Ballantine 90). Research shows that several areas within the society settings have direct influences caused by cell phones. This includes Contributions to cooperative benefit of the persons via communal accountability, public sector upgrading and the development of infrastructure.