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Taoism is a traditional Chinese teaching that includes elements of religion, mysticism, shamanism, as well as classical philosophy and science. This is a fascinating topic, but an essay on Taoism can turn into quite a challenge for many students. What to write in the Taoism essay? Let's figure it out.

● First of all, you need a good hook in the introduction. For instance, you can note how unique the philosophy and religion of ancient China are.

● In your essay you can write about the emergence of Taoism, its founders, the most important canons of Taoist teachings – discover the doctrine of Immortality as reincarnation and the transition of consciousness into another world. You can also go the other way and indicate, for example, the differences between Confucianism and Taoism, the occurrence of conflict between them.

● It is also a good idea to consider Taoism in the modern world and evaluate its impact on Chinese culture.

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