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In relationships, in families, at work, and in any social environment, fairness has always been one of the most fundamental aspects. Nevertheless, today it's getting a bad reputation. When someone says 'That's not fair!', we quickly respond with 'Life isn't fair at all!'. And that is the thing, we don't expect life to be fair and try to get the most of any situation even if it's unjust to others. Is this reasonable? Do you agree that justice and fairness matter? Feel free to reflect on the question in your essay on fairness assigned at college or university. As the issue is quite wide, choose a certain direction, for example, fairness at the workplace, to research and outline for your paper, develop a catchy introduction, solid main body, and thought-provoking conclusion. You are welcome to compare your notes with our fairness essay paper samples before making a final draft to source interesting ideas. Or take any of the examples and use it as a template for your writing.

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